Our ethos is based on our very own 'TICK' principle:

Trust – The most important aspect of our ethos is having trust within the relationships between landlord, agent and tenant, and we like to gain our trust by demonstrating the quality and service we provide. It is the experience, insight and market knowledge that we provide our clientele that makes the trust in our service unbreakable.

Integrity – Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles. I mean, it’s simple, if we don’t have integrity that what do we have? But don’t just take our word for it, please have a look at our testimonials below…

Communication – We pride ourselves on keeping all parties updated and involved all the time. Whether it be managing a property, renting a property or sourcing investments for a buyer we like to keep everyone in the loop as we don’t like surprises (unless they’re good ones that is).

Knowledge – In a fast-paced ever-changing industry the more knowledge we accumulate the better we perform for our clients. Knowledge allows us to make better decisions quicker, but more importantly as we say in the office, ‘never stop learning as life never stops teaching’. This principle is deeply embedded within our culture at Element Properties & Co and we look forward to sharing it with you.

For further legal information please see our Consumer Protection & Reasonable Care Policies