About Element

We make property simple and easy to understand by breaking it down into its core elements.

We are a family run business with over 40 years’ experience investing and managing property in London.

Element was created by two brothers. We have combined our extensive knowledge and understanding from all sides of the property industry, into one holistic service.

To provide our clients with a fully integrated property service, we have teamed up with a range of trusted local experts. It’s important to us that our local community works together.

We welcome any requests; we’d love to get to know you.

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Our Mission Statement

To make property simple and easy to understand.


A Family Run Business

With over 40 years’ experience investing and managing property in London. We are solution focussed and pragmatic.


One Single Point of Contact

Whether you want to Buy, Rent, Refurbish or Refinance, we overlook everything in-house


Tried and Tested Investment Methods

We only give advice that we follow ourselves.


Give, Give, Give and then Ask

We follow the principle of always adding value to our clients first, not the other way around.


Always Fair

Our service is open and honest – no exceptions.



In the digital age we now live in, we keep our ears to the ground with social media – you can find what we get up to and what people have to say about us on Google, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

We love to post our reviews, up to date office antics, marketing materials and our involvement with the community.

Whether you just want to tell us about the experience you have had at Element, or simply want up to date information on what is happening within the market we would love for you to comment, like & follow.

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We are covered and work closely with the Property Redress Scheme, Client Money Protection, MyDeposits, Landlord Action and Hamilton Fraser Solicitors to keep up to date with all new legislation and compliance.

We use all the big marketing portals also, just to make sure no stone is left unturned!